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Examining Our Culture: Welcome!

The Internet has rekindled the creative spark in our hearts. Through the power of the Internet, we are able to tell stories, sell goods, create mashups, build communities, and start revolutions.

Yet the Internet, and Internet Culture, is only one part of our world. There is so much available to us in this world, how do we manage to stay afloat in this sea of experiences? I believe that we take control of ourselves and our experiences by choosing which parts of our reality are important to us.

I am fascinated by what we choose to be important and how we choose it. I am riveted at the thought of being a part of the World Community, where our actions and experiences contribute directly to the Collective Reality that is our world. It is with mere pieces of this Collective Reality that we are able to form our own individual Culture.

Throughout our adventures together on this blog, I will redefine Culture as the parts of the Collective Reality people choose to surround themselves with.

In this blog, I will examine the Culture of both myself and others, as well as write about any thoughts, ideas, and musings related to my life and experiences. Things in my Culture include technology, Internet culture, video games, computer programming, anime, YouTube culture, theatre culture, and storytelling. So prepare yourself for posts about these topics and many more!

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And also, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!

~Andy Reyes